Since 1922, the de FRESQUET family is specialized in rental property management.

Our aim is to provide a local service to all landlords, whether they own a single lot or one or more investment properties.

This is why we value the human scale of our firm. We have equipped ourselves with all the necessary tools to meet your expectations, and to manage various types of assets.

We directly ensure the follow-up of the whole rental process, from the search for the tenant to the establishment of the inventory of fixtures.

In a concern of financial transparency, all our clients receive directly the rents and charges due from their tenants. Thus, we do not hold any funds on behalf of our clients and the latter do not have to worry about a delay in their cash flow.

Our legal department provides each landlord with a highly qualified service, whether it involves the drafting of civil leases, commercial leases, the assignment of commercial leases, and even, if necessary, the drafting of co-ownership regulations for investment properties, thus allowing for a better distribution of rental charges to each tenant, or even a possible division of the building for sale by lots.