Our mission as a Real Estate Asset Management Consultant is particularly focused on commercial real estate.

We have a global experience of the market, being able to deal in Ile de France as well as in the heart of Paris, or in the provinces, thanks to our network of partners, with surfaces ranging from 100 to 20,000 m², from the rental of a representative head office, or the identification and purchase of atypical offices with a strong character.

Thanks to our client portfolio and the contacts we have established over many years with real estate investors and specialized lawyers, we advise our clients on all aspects of their projects :

  1. Companies using tertiary premises – offices, business premises, warehouses, commercial premises – in the search for premises that will help them to succeed in their commercial real estate project ;
  2. Companies or persons owning real estate for the tertiary sector in their search for tenants or buyers ;
  3. Real estate investors in their search for opportunities or in their arbitrations ;
  4. Large tertiary property owners in the management of their asset base.

The consulting dimension is essential in our business. Today, real estate solutions for all types of companies are multiple, complex, sometimes hybrid and the pitfalls are numerous.

Each client is in direct contact with Vincent de FRESQUET, whose desire is to develop a close and long-lasting relationship with him to accompany him in his growth. We strive to provide our clients with a dedicated and tailor-made service with greater flexibility than most of the large structures active on the Parisian market.

Consulting in real estate management